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Small Business Gets Serious: Digital Trends for Small Business in 2014

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Excerpted from the artile:

“It’s a new year and with it comes a cautious view of the year’s economic growth, regulatory changes across a variety of industries and continued development in the reliance on the Internet for personal and professional connection and communication. It’s an uncertain time for many businesses, but especially susceptible to falling behind the curve are the many small businesses and mom and pop shops with already strained budgets and resources.

So how can small businesses go from struggling to thriving? In large part, it comes down to understanding the opportunities and trends that will present themselves in the coming year. Small business owners know it isn’t a game, it’s their livelihood. It’s time to get serious about understanding and implementing plans to maximize business opportunities in each of the following areas:

• Going digital: It seems elementary that we live in an Internet-driven world but a recent survey found that only four out of 10 small businesses had a dedicated business website. That means six out of 10 small businesses are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to connect and engage with potential customers at the most basic online level — through a simple business-focused website. In 2014, expect to see an increase in small business Internet presence, both at a basic website level and in social media channels. Small businesses are beginning to recognize the strong consumer demand for online interaction and will take strides to address this need. It’s a no-brainer, and small businesses that don’t have an online presence will be in danger of falling behind the growth curve.

• Local is where it’s at: The percentage of online search queries focused on local businesses continues to accelerate, with an even greater growth in local search via mobile devices. It is imperative that small businesses stake their claim now on basic local channels, like Google Places, and populate those sites with the types of information consumers are most likely to search for — products and services, hours of operation, contact phone number, physical address, etc. These basics to being found locally go a long way to ensure that a business leads the way in local search results. With the right search engine optimization (SEO) in place, a small business’ information can easily appear highly ranked on local search results.

• It’s time to partner up: A nephew or neighbor down the street designing and maintaining a business website as a favor to the owner is no longer enough. As a small business owner, focus should be on the business — not IT and online marketing. To better increase business results this year, small business owners must look for a partner that understands their digital needs, provides resources to save time and helps achieve success online — all within a tightly prescribed budget. By looking for an online marketing partner with a broad range of expertise, small business owners can focus on what should be their primary goal — making the business successful.

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How to not whore out your brand

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The following is a guest post by Jeandre Gerber. Scroll down the post for the author’s bio. Sometimes I think of Social Media as the High School of the Internet. Nobody really knows what’s going on…

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WordPress Curation Workflow, Resources and Tips

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Gaurav Pandey‘s insight:

Robin Good’s insight:



If you are interested in what could be a good workflow and set of tools to use to curate content on your own WordPress blog, Nathan Weller has a must-read article for you.


In it, he dissects and explains the tools he uses to curate content on WordPress, from how he aggregates and browses RSS feeds, to how he filters, edits and actually curates the content of each post.


Interestingly his focus is on quality, not on having his site populated by lots of "somewhat relevant" content pulled in automatically by one of the many "content marketing"-oriented curation tools available today.


I think you will find several interesting ideas that you may have not considered on how to approach your curation workflow, let alone checking the several insightful comments at the end.



Lost of valuable information, resources, examples and advice. 8/10


Full article:

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Instagram Blueprint

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Gaurav Pandey‘s insight:

Thanks Gerry for the infographic! 

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Get Your Small Business Online With Australia Post

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Here’s  how Australia Post can help small businesses get online: Their simple content management system for online retailers called “MyShopInABox”. Uniquely, for a CMS, you can pick up a copy at your local Post Office!SecurePay – the Government backed online payment system bought by Australia PostClick and Send – easy way to create the documentation you need for sending parcels to your customers, as well as an easy way to organise and pay for deliveriesReply Paid Returns – a way of increasing customer confidence is to allow them to return goods to you free of charge. Online retailer StyleTread uses this to excellent advantage.Local business hubs – Post offices dedicated to helping their business customersThey also covered a bit about direct marketing, and their ‘lifestyle’ survey of householders.

Gaurav Pandey‘s insight:

Australia Post are a customer centric organisation and digitial media forms a big part of their future plans. They’ve been consistently rated as one of the most reputable brands in Australia.  So if you are a #SmallBusiness, get on to the bandwagon, you might even get some early bird benefits! 


Read full article here:

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100 Awesome Success Quotes

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What you are about to read is probably the best list of success quotes in the world. In writing this post I read at least a few thousand quotes including all the quotes in the top ten web pages

Gaurav Pandey‘s insight:

My favourite (which is not on the list) are these words from Thomas Carlyle

"Work is a grand cure for all the maladies and miseries that ever beset mankind-honest work, which you intend getting done."

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SEO basics for startups in under 10 minutes

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Worried about how to fill out your meta keywords tag so your startup ranks best in Googleresults? Don’t bother, the company says. Google search ignores it.

Here’s a video that provides startups tips and suggestions about how to master search engine optimization in just 10 minutes.

The video features advice catered to small businesses with main web content on less than 50 pages looking to rank only a handful of related search terms.

From how to add the best keywords and including analytics code on your site to how to approach marketing in general, Google aims to make it easier for startups to get their brands ranked higher on search result pages

Gaurav Pandey‘s insight:


SEO requires creativity and a holistic approach to marketing integrating SEM, SEO and Social Media. Simply put, your goal should be to reach out to as many people as you can and make them stay there when they do end up on your site.


Some key points to consider are:

1. Ensure your content is fresh, relavent and LINKABLE – this is the single most important factor which will affect your SERP rankings


2. Follow a good site sturcture. A pyramid structure with your homepage on top works well. The homepage should ideally link to every single category of pages. Make sure your visitors can follow a logical path and reach deep URLs with minimal clicks. 


3. Don’t underestimate the importance of Social Media. Social media will help drive organic traffic to your site and going forward more and more of this traffic will come from social media sites.


Here are a few tips on how social media can help improve search results:

a. Connect to an established blog in your niche or if you run a blog with good reach ensure the content is optimised for search engines. This doesnt mean you overstuff your pages with keywords and unneccessary links. Don’t forget your content has to be attractive in the first place to your core audience – the visitors to your blog. So include keywords in a natural way. Provide links (both internal and external) wherever necessary but do not overdo it. 

b. Google + is the biggest social media site from SEO perspective. 

c. Include a call to action link on You Tube which leads to your website.

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5 Practical Tips for Perfecting Your Startup Pitch

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We are living in the age of the entrepreneur — more people are starting up, and it’s ever important to stand out in the crowd. We spoke to a handful of venture capitalists and startup entrepreneurs to get their top tips on how to put together the ideal startup pitch. Here are the best five tips we heard.

Gaurav Pandey‘s insight:

Great points!

I reckon when you are pitiching to a VC the point to highlight is what plans do you have for the money you want them to invest. Also, don’t forget the importance of telling a story – weave your material into an interesting tale of what customer pain point are you going to solve and wrap it all up in a way which makes your plan viable to them, i.e. how are you going to be profitable.

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4 Big Social Media Lessons from Small Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Social Media is not just a method only being utilized by big brands anymore. Small businesses are starting to embrace and implement social techniques on a grander scale.

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