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How to Grow Your Business Online

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New Media Consultant

Sydney Area, Australia
Online Media
I help businesses develop and implement online marketing strategies. I have considerable experience in developing and leading the implementation of a comprehensive multi-channel online marketing campaigns, communications and business development strategies.

In the past few years I have worked with small businesses on both traditional and online media which has been a tremendously rewarding and enjoyable experience. In the process I have helped these businesses grow, from camping and leisure industry in Australia and Australia’s leading Indian English newspaper to publishing and digital media start-ups in South Asia.

I prefer to take complete responsibility of marketing aspects of businesses which help me formulate clear goals and frameworks to achieve them; this is one of the reasons my focus has almost entirely shifted to start-ups and small businesses.

My passion is to build sustainable marketing strategies and teams, therefore it’s very important to understand the vision of my clients, their short term and long term objectives and ROI expectations.

• Creating and executing marketing strategy across social media and online content.
• Analysing trends, planning, budgeting and forecasting for the online marketing channel.
• Team management and development, assisting cross functional projects
• Managing internal and external stakeholders.
• Business model development.
• Customer development and managing customer risk.

I live in Sydney and travel frequently to Melbourne and other cities in Australia.

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