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5 Things Small Businesses Should Keep in Mind When Developing a Website

How to Grow Your Business Online

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Making the transition to online business is sometimes difficult and can leave small business owners with a ton of questions.

Gaurav Pandey‘s insight:

Small business owneres don’t often realise the importance of fresh content. Those who do, either don’t seem to have the time and resources or are overhelmed and confused by even the most basic online marketing practices such as SEO, link building and most importantly the relevance of fresh content. Despite the increased sophistication and changes we have seen over the years, search engines still rely essentially by analysing content on a web page. So, my advice for small business owners is forget all the fancy things you hear about, just spend some time on improving and constantly updating content on your website. Initailly, it’s just text you can focus on and as your understanding of how search engines work grows stuff like using keywords, Google Analytics and link building will start making much more sense. Remember serach engines consistently rate sites with fresh content higher over the others, so do take out some time to understand the points disucssed here. SEO is not as complicated as the ‘self procalimed’ experts make it sound. All the best!

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