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The dark art of data: Facebook is delving deep into your mind

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When the likes of Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Steve Wozniak raise concerns about online data privacy, it’s time to start listening.

Gaurav Pandey‘s insight:

Without perhaps realising it we are going through a huge culture change. Public is the new private and as more and more users get comfortable with this notion, the hue and cry about misuse of private information will ebb away. The moment you sign up and put your stuff on the cloud it’s no longer your property. Yes, you may still think that privacy settings can keep your data safe, but that’s an erroneous notion. I recently read somewhere there are only two types of companies in the US – or anywhere else for that matter – one those which have been hacked and two which don’t know they have been hacked. 
I come back to my original point, you can’t not live in the cloud, depending on what your definition of the cloud is. That’s the way ahead and it’s growing at warp pace, whether you like it or not. The transition from on-site servers, mainframes to the cloud is unprecedented. Yes, there is scope for change such as making the legal Greek a tad more reader friendly and better security especially when it comes to mobile apps. But such changes would be peripheral at best. 
Eventually anyone who is online will have to choose to agree that his data is not entirely his property anymore, in one way or another. It would be foolish to assume your online world is a secluded bubble with your friends and family. 

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