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Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: What it really means!!!

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On Wednesday Google announced its latest update to Google AdWords, Google Enhanced Campaigns. We know we are two days late writing about this…but we’ve been busy reading everyone else blog posts, white-papers and points of view and whilst there are some really good articles out there on the topic, we don’t feel they are really saying what everyone wants to say…Google has screwed the pooch on this one!  

Gaurav Pandey‘s insight:

It’s clearly a move from Google to force account managers to display ads on mobile devices which in turn will give Google a larger control over the mobile ad space. This new addition could also significantly raise the costs per click as the competition for keywords will be higher now.

However, before we jump the gun and term it as yet another example of Google arm-twisting marketers to shell out more, let’s wait for some exciting new features to be rolled out soon which would not only provide a cushion to marketers but some decent additions to their repertoire too.

Significant among these is the Location Based Bidding Option which enables you to change the bid depending on the someone’s proximity to your location – something that good old brick and mortar stores would find interesting.  Then there is the bid modifier function which will allow you to modify your bid depending on various factors such as device type (and yes you can choose to not advertise on mobile), location and time of day.  And finally, Google will be offering better conversion tracking metrics. For example, you’d now be able to track how many people redeemed a particular coupon at your store, how many people downloaded a particular application. More details are awaited.

Click on the link below to download Google’s Enhanced Adwords Campaign guide:

Let us know your thoughts. 

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