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10 of the best social media campaigns from 2012

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Check out these great campaigns and let us know your thoughts!

Gaurav Pandey‘s insight:


Ever wondered what makes a social media campaign effective? Whichever medium your customers are most likely to respond it’s obvious that anything that intends to capture mass attention has to stand out from the herd. Most successful social media campaigns are built around interesting content targeted at a specific group of audience. In fact, if you think about it, effective campaigns are essentially simple, fun and engaging and have a clear message or call to action woven in. So if you are planning on a social media campaign, my advice is:

Have a clear message. Knowing exactly what you want to convey is the first step to a successful campaign.Choose the right channels for promotion; invest where you are likely get a good response.Make it interesting, tell a story or make them laugh if you can but don’t lose your focus.Know your target audience and customise the campaign to make it appeal to them.

Check out these campaigns and let us know your thoughts on what made them so effective. 

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