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Top 30 Business and Marketing News Sources by Forbes

How to Grow Your Business Online

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Gaurav Pandey‘s insight:

Here’s what Robin Good (the original curator) has to say about the article, so you know why no 1 is missing from the list. He’s spot on, I’d say : 

Robin Good’s insight:


Michael Brenner has put together a useful list of the top 30 news sources you should be following if you are interested in online business and marketing news.


Useful, resourceful. 7/10



P.S.: In my humble opinion, this list is tainted by the author placing the magazine he writes for (Forbes in this case) as the top one in the list. As a curator this is something I suggest to avoid like the pest as it instantly taints your supposedly impartial collector skills with a way too evident marketing effort, which dents significantly into the credibility of the overall list and the on the reputation of the writer.


In my effort to help others recognize effective curation from simple-minded content marketing efforts I feel quite important to highlight such small details, as even though they may appear of no relevance to some people today, they will have enormous importance – in my opinion – in the near future.



Full list:


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