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Hiring in Startups: What to Avoid and Take Advantage of When Hiring for Your Startup Company

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Excerpted from the article: 


“Top 3 hiring mistakes startups make

Mike identified three big mistakes startup companies make when hiring:

They recruit like they’re big companies with “endless meetings and questions and lots of process and tons of evaluation tools.”  Instead Mike recommends that startups adopt a very tight hiring process for getting a candidate interested and on board in the organization.They fail to sell candidates on their “startup” culture.  Instead startup companies often present open positions as just another regular job instead of being open about the unique work environment and requirements.They oversell candidates on the future value of the company.  A lot of startups try and attract candidates with stock options or equity, which is fine, but they overplay the potential value of their enterprise while underplaying the real risks and the fact that this is a huge gamble for candidates.”

Gaurav Pandey‘s insight:

I think the biggest mistakes start-ups make while hiring is that they hire too quickly and they fire too slowly. While all the points mentioned in the article are correct to a certain extent, processes in start ups are a generally a chaotic mess, which means most companies end up hiring people without due deligence and then when they realise that they are not the best fit for the company they take too much time to let such employees go fearing the worse. 


Another point here is often people who are hired are too set in their ways to understand what makes their new job differnent. As startups are generally born out of ideas which the founders think offer something unique to the market, employees are often not properly explained the company’s cusotmer value propostion. 


Lastly, if the start up takes off not every employee can grow with the company at the same pace and are left redundant because their skillls which were once useful to the company are not anymore. So while hiring the people responsible should keep this bigger picture in thier minds. More often than not, they are not sure of the bigger picture themselves – which is one of the reasons why a majority of the startups fail in the first place, but that’s a different discussion for another day. 


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