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Brian Solis: The Future of Business is Shared Experiences

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VideoBrian Solis I recently spoke to Brian Solis, who is a principal at Altimeter Group, a research-based business advisory firm in San Francisco.


Excerpts from the interview: 


“This is the time to define an experience, what it should be, what it should feel like, what it should evoke. Because, if you’re not creating the experiences you want people to have and share then your brand and the impressions that are formed as a result are theirs to define.”


“If you don’t get in front of it to create and lead experiences then you risk falling to Digital Darwinism, a state of business failure when technology and society evolve faster than your ability to adapt.”


“Who wants to have a reluctant relationship with anyone or anything? Would you want people to say that they are reluctantly connected to you? Of course not. Yet businesses get caught up into management, operations, efficiencies, margins, etc. Executives answer to shareholders, manage off of spreadsheets, and lose touch with employees and customers over time.”


“What are customer experiences today, how do they span across the organization and throughout the lifecycle, and how can we fix them to create a competitive advantage?

What is the experience we want people to have in every moment of truth, before, during, and after each transaction or engagement? What would they say after each? What matters every step of the way? How can we turn each embrace into value, advocacy and influence?

Is it for everyone? No. But, it was intentional and it’s reinforced. This is experience architecture and it borrows from user experience or UX. I believe that the future of business is deeply rooted in UX, digital anthropology and genuine intentions to deliver meaningful and shareable experiences throughout the dynamic customer journey.”


Full interview here:

Gaurav Pandey‘s insight:

Essentially social media marketing is a form of traditional marketing distributed through online channels. However users are increasingly overwhelmed with the amount of information they receive these days.This means they don’t have the time or attention span to go tough everything that appears on their main feed.


It’s appalling to see so many marketers still don’t get the basics right and get so caught up in the game of numbers and exploring every avenue to “promote’’ their business that they lose sight of why they are there in the first  place. Not surprisingly, promotional posts are probably the last thing they’d want to waste their time on so it’s important that marketers don’t inundate them with too many such posts.  



In the process companies end up hurting themselves by including too much advertising in their messages adding to the clutter on social media channels. This not only alienates their users but forces them to ditch the brand altogether and move elsewhere. There are significant consequences associated with this one-dimensional approach to marketing and such companies normally score very low on trustworthiness.


Social media is just a tool to know your customers better and target their specific needs. It provides brands with a great opportunity to have a direct two way conversation with their customers. It’s a great platform to encourage discussions, build brand advocates and showcase that you are a customer-centric company. Being transparent and customer-centric is the essence of any social media strategy, and not an add-on. 


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