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Do You Need a Pinterest Consultant?

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Back when Pinterest was brand-spankin’-new, we heard the same cry from a lot of readers: Not another social network! …

Gaurav Pandey‘s insight:

So what makes Pinterest so interesting? If you think about it, Pinterest brilliantly manages to achieve what other social media channels have not yet been able to.

The biggest challenges a marketer faces are: (a) building a community rather than a just a network on social media platforms and (b) posting interesting content consistently. Pinterest’s distinctive feature is that it promotes user-generated content by connecting people through things they find of interest. It connects people based on common tastes and interest, which is precisely what a social community does.

Also, as the content is user generated and visually appealing it manages to address the content question as well, especially in this age of information upload. It’s like a comforting retreat from the chaos of everyday life. Add to that the user-friendliness of the medium and its value to merchants since mostly the ‘pins’ are actual products out there for sale, and you have the perfect recipe for success! 

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