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Facebook’s answer to Big Data: creating an internal search engine to rival Google

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Big data is something Facebook knows a little bit about. The user base of Facebook has grown to astronomical proportions, with now more than 1 billion users, and 743 million of them are active. Dat…

Gaurav Pandey‘s insight:

Things are hotting up between FB and G. Somehow, I am a bit skeptical about graph search. It’s great for people and social searches but what about information that falls outside peer generated content? Google is massive and it’ll take some doing from FB to even come close to matching the big boys of search. It’ll make e a dent for sure though and we are all waiting for G’s strategy to counter it. 

Then there’s a danger of user backlash with facebook commodifying its users posts and relationships to its gain. In the past users have stayed with FB despite its obvious lack of any regard for privacy partly coz somewhere they still trusted a company of FBs stature would get its act together. Now, we not only see repeated privacy violations from FB – and don’t tell me Graph search is what you bargained for when you decided to post all those pics and messages on the platform – it seems to be agressively promoting paid content over organically generated ones and that’s hurting users bad. 

Across the board, people are complaining about a distinct dilution in thier FB experience and this is not going to help FBs case. 

Expect a sustained ad campaign from the boys at G highlighting privacy concerns with Graph Search. G should do to FB what MS is doing to them! G being G, the impact willl be serious. 

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