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Facebook’s News Feed, A Skittish Gift Horse

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Remember Facebook Questions? Checkins? Spotify listens? They had their time at the top of the news feed because Facebook favors new products, but their prominence diminished as they matured. This and competition for space between posts may explain why New York Times writer Nick Bilton gets fewer Likes on shares to his public followers than a year ago. The news feed is a bumpy ride.

Update: Now Facebook has issued a statement, admitting the drop in engagement seen by Bilton, others, and I is real, but that dismisses our accounts as anecdotes. 

Gaurav Pandey‘s insight:

A growing concern that Facebook needs to address sooner than later. Its preference for paid posts over organic content can backfire badly. FB says it’s working to get the alogrithm right but this has dragged on for far too long. It’s certiainly not helping FB’s already questionable credentials as a transparent company. 

Q: What’s a good monetisation strategy for a social media platfrom? Look forward to your comments. 

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